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Living room of modernistic Venice, Calif. home has designer hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors
FAIRFAX, Minn., March 3, 2020 – Venice, Calif., is a buzzing beach town with upscale and residential pockets. Not far from the free-spirited Venice Boardwalk, Muscle Beach, funky shops, stylish boutiques and foodie hotspots, is a quaint, new-construction modernistic home designed by architect Matthew Royce.

This envy-inducing split-level rental home, owned by Royce, is equipped with a custom-made Schweiss one-piece hydraulic designer door with electric photo eye sensors. The 13-foot, 8-inch by 10-foot, 8-inch door is clad in glass. What’s really unique about the home is the hydraulic door from the living room that overlooks a private outdoor patio and allows fresh air into the home.

“I chose the hydraulic door because of limited space and the hydraulic door gave more of a clear opening,” says Royce, who also served as the general building contractor. “I also chose it for headroom and I like how the highly reflective glass becomes a sun shade for the living room.”

Royce painted the cylinders and the door frame black to match the window frames.

Also included in this 1,530-square-foot two-bedroom home is a fully integrated kitchen featuring the latest Miele appliances and HenryBuilt kitchen cabinets. Entering on the main level through a sleek pivot door, the open-concept layout boasts an incredible SoCal indoor/outdoor living experience.

The full third-floor master bedroom suite offers a walk-in shower with separate soaking tub and extra-long vanity. The lower level features a second bedroom suite with a walk-in shower and retractable sliding glass doors leading to the private patio. High-end finishes blend to create a warm modern feel, including concrete floors downstairs and walnut hardwood floors upstairs. Although there is abundant street parking for guests, the home has a hydraulic car lift in the downstairs back of the home garage, also where the hydraulic pump for the door is located.

“The door is great, well-built and works very well, as advertised,” Royce says. “I go and show it to people all the time. It makes for a great rental point, people love it; no one has ever seen anything like it on a house. I researched different types of doors online and looked at different examples on the Schweiss Doors website. It seemed like they were the only ones who could do this type of door. And they have a good reputation.”

Royce added that the people at Schweiss Doors were good to work with and the door arrived on time and in good condition.

Schweiss Doors is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors. Doors are custom made to any size for any type of new or existing building for architects and builders determined to do amazing things with their buildings, including the doors. Schweiss also offers a cable to liftstrap conversion package. For more information, visit www.bifold.com.

PHOTO CAPTIONS:  (Please credit: Photos by Noel Kleinman Real Estate Photography)

VeniceHome1: This 1,530-square-foot rental home located very close to Venice Beach in California, has a Schweiss 13-foot, 8-inch by 10-foot, 8-inch designer hydraulic living room door that opens to a private patio for a great indoor/outdoor living experience.

VeniceHome2: The highly reflective glass on the hydraulic door and side of the home gives off a very artistic look to the home.

VeniceHome3: The hydraulic living room door gives the home a nice open feel when closed while allowing ample natural light into the home.

VeniceHome4: People who have viewed the home are amazed to see this hydraulic door open and it makes for a great conversation piece and selling point for this rental property.

VeniceHome5: The fully integrated kitchen features the very latest appliances and HenryBuilt kitchen cabinets. The hydraulic door can be seen in the background.

VeniceHome6: The private patio can be accessed from the bottom floor of the home or from outside steps. The home also has a lower level second bedroom suite, concrete floors downstairs and walnut hardwood floors upstairs.  (Photos by Noel Kleinman Real Estate Photography)