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Schweiss Doors makes life simpler for Tennessee pilot
Bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors surpass expectations
HECTOR, Minn., December 10, 2015 – You have to appreciate anyone who makes your life a little simpler. Dr. Karl Rogers of Nashville had two bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors from Schweiss Doors installed on his hangar and he couldn’t be happier.

“Schweiss is regarded as having the premier door in the hangar market and it has become obvious as to why,” Rogers says. “It is incredible, the ease and simplicity of their operation, the doors open smoothly and relatively quietly. They truly have a product that operates better than expected.”

The Automatic Strap Latch is a totally functional and simple strap latch system that provides an “all-strap” and “only-strap” bifold door. Innovators at Schweiss recognized that straps used for lifting could be designed to also be responsible for latching. The Automatic Strap Latch system eliminates the need for the frequent maintenance required for cable lift bifold doors, including fraying, breaking and overwrapping. The Automatic Strap Latch system opens quicker, is easier to adjust and is safer and quieter than cable lift doors because it is manufactured with 90 percent fewer parts. Straps secure the door in all positions: open, closed and anywhere in between. Automatic strap latches will offer added protection from wind gusts while the door is in any position during operation.

Rogers has been flying for more than a decade, the last five in his Piper Malibu Matrix. He has instrument and multi-engine ratings and a commercial pilot certificate, while his wife Connie recently earned her private pilot certificate. They built their new vacation home at Big South Fork Airpark near Oneida, Tenn., and are looking forward to spending time with fellow aviators as well as their airplane.

Big South Fork Airpark offers an exquisite home for pilots and is host to the Wings Over Big South Fork air show every September. Attractions include shows by well-known aviators and a collection of airplanes from all eras, including World War I as well as modern fighter jets.

Adjacent to the Rogers home is a 60 x 50 foot new custom steel construction hangar with doors from Schweiss Doors on both sides. The bifold liftstrap doors, with automatic latches, walk doors and remote openers, are 48 feet wide with a clear opening of 15 feet. “We activate the door when getting close so it’s open to where we can taxi into the hangar without having to stop and wait for it,” Rogers says, noting another luxury item designed to make life simpler. “We had the foresight to install a carousel in the hangar, to position the plane for easy entrance and exit. It also can be operated remotely, which adds another level of convenience.”

The home and hangar were constructed by Chris Donald of Carolina Contractors Inc., of Oneida, Tenn. The company also has an office in Hilton, Head, S.C. “Their team of experts built our vacation home in the mountains of East Tennessee,” Rogers says. “They used innovative 3D computer technology to help us visualize our home even before the foundation was laid. This enabled us to make changes without costly expenses.”

Carolina Contractors handled the installation of the Schweiss Doors bifold doors. “I called the Schweiss office a few times before and during the installation and they were quite helpful,” Donald says. “The doors with the straps and remote are very nice.”

The Rogers decided on a second door even though the hangar had a carousel. “The taxiway is behind the backyard, so with just one door, he would only be able to see the back of his hangar,” Donald says. “We decided on a second door for the back of the hangar that faces the back of his house for better airflow, especially during the warmer months, and so he could see his plane from the house. We added a small paved apron behind the hangar so he can pull out the plane and wash it.”

Schweiss Doors is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic and bi-fold lift-strap doors. Doors are custom made to any size for any type of new or existing building for architects and builders determined to do amazing things with their buildings, including the doors. For more information, visit www.bifold.com.

 Photo Cutlines:

Turntable_Hangar1.jpg:  The Big South Fork Airpark taxiway leads right into Karl Rogers' vacation and getaway home 60 x 50-foot hangar in Oneida, Tenn.

Turntable_Hangar2.jpg:  Two big 48 x 15-foot Schweiss bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors open on both ends of the hangar. The front of his Piper Malibu Matrix is shown on the remote controlled carousel that allows him to rotate the plane for easy exit.

Turntable_Hangar3.jpg:  Two bifold doors provide airflow during hot summer days and allow him to see his plane from the backyard of his home. Walk doors are in both doors.

Turntable_Hangar4.jpg:  A stone paved walkway leads from the back of the Rogers home to his hangar.

Turntable_Hangar5.jpg:  The steel clad bifold doors give the hangar a nice clean look. The inside of the Schweiss bifold doors are well insulated. Four liftstraps open the door and the autolatch system secures the door weathertight. A heavy-duty bottom-drive motor easily lifts the big bifold hangar door. Liftstraps are rated at 29,000 lbs. each and open the door quickly and quietly.