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Canadian recycling and waste center focuses on customer convenience utilizing Schweiss bifold liftstrap door
FAIRFAX, Minn., July 6, 2022 – The new Surrey Recycling and Waste Center in British Columbia opens its Schweiss Doors bifold liftstrap door to the public for easy disposal, recycling and waste products.

Metro Vancouver purchased the 4.3-acre site from the City of Surrey following a rezoning and development permit application process. The new recycling and waste center is open seven days a week, 363 days a year as a convenient drop-off location for residents and businesses and will reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions by shortening travel distances.

Door Systems in Surrey, a division of Assa Abloy Entrance Systems, handled the install of the 38-foot, 7-inch by 30-foot, 3-inch bifold liftstrap door. David Welch, in charge of commercial sales at Door Systems, says the install went quite well and was headed up by lead field technician Matt Faupel, who was recently named International Door Association 2021 Door Technician of the Year during a ceremony in Las Vegas.

“I’ve kinda lost count of how many Schweiss bifold doors I’ve installed over the years,” Faupel says. “Everything on this install went well. With the strap system and everything on there, it makes it super easy from an install perspective. The Schweiss bifold has always been easy to navigate. This one was one of the bigger doors I’ve done; everything showed up from the factory perfect. From start to finish, it took only three days from sitting on the ground to being fully wired up and running.”

Faupel says that during his 20 years of installing doors, all types and brands, he has probably hung thousands and considers Schweiss Doors to be the top of the line.

“We had to get quite a large crane truck with stabilizers on it to install the door because in front of the opening was a fairly steep driveway,” Welch says. “Customer service was great. We had an issue where some hardware was missing. We were in the middle of installing and Schweiss got right back to us immediately and overnighted the parts to us, which was quick and perfect.”

The door is positioned in a large transfer station opening where the general public can drive into and deposit recycling and waste products.

The Schweiss Doors bifold liftstrap door is equipped with an automatic cable latching system. HDR Architecture Associates of Victoria, B.C., recommended the Schweiss door for the project.

“The doors have good steel framework with quality motors and liftstraps that make it quite tidy and sturdy,” Welch says. “The shop drawings and whole procedure was quite smooth with timelines that were quite accurate. It was a good experience all around. Any questions I had were answered quickly by Brent and Jeremy at Schweiss Doors.”

Schweiss Doors is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors. Doors are custom made to any size for any type of new or existing building for architects and builders determined to do amazing things with their buildings, including the doors. Schweiss also offers a cable to liftstrap conversion package. For more information, visit www.bifold.com.

Photo Captions:

SurreyRecycling1: The new Surrey Recycling and Waste Center in British Columbia was designed for the general public to drive right into the large transfer station main opening to deposit recycling and waste products. A large 38-foot, 7-inch wide Schweiss Doors bifold liftstrap door at the entrance makes this an easy task.

SurreyRecycling2: Eight strong liftstraps easily lift the heavy bifold door. The Schweiss door is equipped with an automatic latch system which draws it in weathertight to the building.

SurreyRecycling3: A truck-mounted crane was used to position the Surrey Recycling bifold door in place. The entire job from start to finish only took a few days. The Schweiss Doors bifold strap door measured 38 feet, 7 inches wide x 30 feet, 3 inches tall. When wide open, it provides for a nice, shaded canopy where the public can come in and deposit their waste products, yard trimmings, recyclables and more.

SurreyRecycling4: Lead Field Technician Matt Faupel has installed several Schweiss Doors bifold doors during the past 20 years and said they have always been easy to navigate and commented that everything showed up perfect from factory.

SurreyRecycling5: Door Systems, Vancouver, used a large crane truck with stabilizers to install the door because at the front of the opening was a fairly steep driveway.

SurreyRecycling 6 and SurreyRecycling7: The exterior of the bifold door blends in nicely with the building. It will be opened every day of the week and Surrey Recycling said it would reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions by shortening travel distances.