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Bay area pharmaceutical company has bifold designer doors from Schweiss Doors on new building
FAIRFAX, Minn., September 2, 2020 – Genentech’s major pharmaceutical company campus in South San Francisco has multiple buildings that house an advanced research center and various business functions where the company manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products.

The newest, Building 40, incorporated the use of three Schweiss Bifold Designer Doors for its indoor and outdoor dining areas. The glass liftstrap doors varied in widths of 24, 21 and 19 feet, all with a height of 10 feet, 10 inches. Each door is equipped with top drive motors, automatic latching systems, remote openers, electric photo eye sensors, door base safety edges, warning lights and horn, and an emergency backup system that can be used in a power outage.

Royal Glass Company of Rancho Cordova, Calif., provided installation of the bifold doors and glass systems. The project architect was Woods Bagot of San Francisco.

According to Jeff Garmeson, Senior Project Manager at Royal Glass, Building 40 is a collaboration space tied between Buildings 44 and 45.

“The building has a café where people can hang out and a lot of conference rooms,” Garmeson says. “The doors are in the café area so they can open them up and have outside dining. The install was easy; everything went in fine. The most difficult part was on the electrical side. We don’t do that, but found a local door company that Schweiss works with to do that. The doors are wired into smoke, fire and security systems. If there is a security breach in any of Genentech’s buildings, the doors will automatically shut.”

This was a first time Schweiss Doors project and install for Royal Glass Company.

“The doors are a high-quality product that we would welcome using again,” Garmeson says. “The best part of using these doors was Schweiss customer service. Paul and Brent at Schweiss Doors maintained their patience and helped us through.”

Schweiss Doors is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors. Doors are custom made to any size for any type of new or existing building for architects and builders determined to do amazing things with their buildings, including the doors. Schweiss also offers a cable to liftstrap conversion package. For more information, visit www.bifold.com.

Photo Captions:

Genentech1: This 24-foot by 10-foot, 10-inch Schweiss Doors glass designer door is one of three installed at Genentech Pharmaceutical, Biochemistry Lab and Biotechnology Company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The bifold liftstrap doors are used in their newest building and open up café areas to outside dining.

Genentech2: Each of the three bifold doors is equipped with automatic latching and remote openers, electric photo eye sensors, door base safety edges, warning lights and horn and an emergency backup system. If there is a security breach in any of Genentech’s buildings the doors will automatically shut.

Genentech3: The bifold liftstrap doors are in the café and conference room areas so they can open them up for outside dining and letting natural lighting into the café areas. The doors are also wired into smoke, fire and security systems. 

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