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Schweiss Doors helps manufacturing operation move indoors
Building assembly was done outdoors until company installed large doors
FAIRFAX, Minn., February 29, 2016 – Alberta E-House manufactures electrical buildings for the petro-chemical industry and for 25 years, assembled modular buildings outdoors in occasionally less than ideal conditions. Schweiss Doors was able to help bring the work indoors by constructing bifold liftstrap doors large enough to extricate assembled portions of Alberta E-House buildings.

Alberta E-House acquired a 3.7-acre plot of land in Calgary’s Foothill Industrial Park to construct a 60,000-square foot manufacturing facility, opening in the spring of 2014. This would bring all manufacturing indoors for the first time. The new manufacturing facility would feature four Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap industrial grade doors, two measuring 40 feet wide and 34 feet tall and two more measuring 30 x 34 feet. All four doors provide 30 feet of clearance.

Alberta E-House, Inc. serves a specialty market whereby the focus is to fabricate the best modular E-house design and manufacturing product available. Serving the Petro-Chemical, industrial and utility sectors they have expert capabilities and experience to design, procure, construct and commission the highest quality modular requirements of their most stringent EPC partners and end users.

An E-House can be designed in a modular form that allows for pre-installation of electrical and instrumentation equipment and commissioned prior to shipment in a controlled and clean environment. This significantly reduces the site installation and commissioning time that provides a number of benefits and cost savings particularly on fast-track projects.

The doors were installed by General Door Services, a service company of Equal Door Industries of Calgary.

“Everything on the installation went well,” said Dan Walkeden of Equal Door Industries. “Last year we installed eight 14 x 16 foot Schweiss bifold doors for a commercial truck maintenance facility and we’ve done some cable-to-liftstrap conversions. The liftstraps run nice and are easy to level out; they look very professional. The owner said he loved the doors.”

Walkeden said Alberta E-House, Inc. specified liftstrap doors. Apparently the owner has used them on his airplane hangars and liked the bifold door style. Walkeden was pleased that the doors came tarped and were on time and in good condition.

An attractive standard house window design is located just above the exterior truss of each of the four doors, about halfway up, enabling a sufficient amount of daylight into the new facility. The windows were pre-framed by Schweiss so a local contractor could install the windows of choice. The design allows for the vertical cladding to come right up to the windows and gives a nice finished look.

Schweiss Doors is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic and bifold lift-trap doors. Doors are custom made to any size for any type of new or existing building for architects and builders determined to do amazing things with their buildings, including the doors. For more information, visit www.bifold.com.

Equal Door Industries has been in the door manufacturing business for 42 years. The main lines of business include: automatic & operating controls, doors, overhead type doors, wood, solid & veneered doors. Equal Door Industries has been listed in the Blue Book since 2013.


Alberta1:  Alberta E-House Inc. manufactures electrical buildings for the petro-chemical industry. The company recently installed four Schweiss Doors Bifold Liftstrap doors at their manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta.

Alberta2:  This 40-foot tall x 34-foot wide Schweiss bifold liftstrap door was easy to install. When finished, it provides a nice shaded canopy when open.

Alberta3:  Trusses that give added strength to the bifold doors were mounted midway up the door, just under the windows.

Alberta4:  The bifold doors on the loading dock give easy access to the inside of Alberta E-House.

Alberta5:  Bifold doors offer a larger opening for less money, while providing practical width for today’s large equipment. They also sharpen up the appearance of older buildings.